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For Women - 6 key foundations to help any woman strengthen her relationships

For Women - 6 key foundations to help any woman strengthen her relationships

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This powerful seminar just for women is released to the digital world through any compatible MP3 player!  Gary designed this resource to help a woman understand the key relationship prinicples that will strengthen her personal relationships with others including friends, her husband, her children, or even her boss. Gary shares six specific and practical principles that will enhance every relationship a woman has.
  1. Learning to love by faith: a woman's faith is the key to her capacity to love and forgive in relationships, especially with a spouse.
  2. In search of fulfillment: Often a woman seeks happiness through a mate, her children, or even a career.  Usually our dreams are blocked and our "cup" never seems full.  Gary shares how to discover fulfillment including finding energy to love our mate.
  3. How to meet your husband's needs: a fresh look at the greatest needs of a man and how you can motivate your husband to love and cherish you.
  4. Sharing emotional word pictures: This is one of the most effective ways to communicate to your husband and child.  One woman said, "My husband really understood me and changed his mind in five minutes after one word picture and I have been trying to explain it for 15 years...It's incredible!"
  5. How to motivate your husband through his temperament: Discover how to understand men and women more intimately through these seven natural, God-given temperaments.
  6. How to increase our self-worth by turning all trials into "gold": How often do emotionally painful experiences affect our strength? There's a truth in scripture that will not only turn all bad experiences into "gold", but raise our self-worth as high as God wants it to be.
  • 6 sessions by Dr. Gary Smalley in MP3 format
  • Bonus resource by Amy Smalley - "A woman's guide to live"
  • Michael Smalley's latest inspirational comedy show "The Comedy of Us"
Length of each session by Dr. Smalley in the for Women special event:
  1. 24 minutes
  2. 39 minutes
  3. 39 minutes
  4. 29 minutes
  5. 23 minutes
  6. 48 minutes

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