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Love is a Decision Audio Seminar

Love is a Decision Audio Seminar

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This special seminar is designed to help you nderstand relationship principles. This is Gary's live recorded seminar and is a classic for any marriage! The sessions:
  1. The incredible worth of a woman...fresh insights into how the unique strengths of a woman can help forge stronger bonds of unity.
  2. How to energize your mate in 60 seconds...what to do when anger, fear, discouragement and frustration threaten to undermine your relationship.
  3. Five keys to loving and lasting relationships...a joyous exploration of the non-verbal techniques for relating to wife, husband, child - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  4. The tremendous value of a how you can work together to bring out the best in the husband's God-given gift for nurturing.
  5. The secret of a close-knit family...maximize togetherness times - by learning how the best family times can come when everything seems to be going wrong.
  6. Finding fulfillment: more than our cup can hold..."Fulfillment can be found once we know where to look for it," says Gary Smalley. "Our lives can be turned around to receive the abundance of God's promises."

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