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DNA of Relationships DVD Study

DNA of Relationships DVD Study

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With Gary and Michael Smalley, this Series is taped from the DNA of Relationships Seminar.Topics Include:
  • Discovering the DNA of Love: There are three key choices that bring you complete satisfaction in life. You'll understand how to balance God's DNA of love by loving God and others as yourself. Also, find out how God created men and women different and how to use these differences to create great relationships.
  • Power of One: You are not a victim in the world of relationships! Nothing or no one can take away your joy in life. Learn the four ways you can positively impact all your most important relationships.
  • Create a Safe Place for Love: Learn four ways to create a safe place for others where love can flourish. When two people feel safe in one another presence, they naturally open up to each other and love flows from openness.
  • Eliminate the #1 Cause of Relational Conflict: Without realizing it, when conflict comes between two people, they are both allowing each other to push an internal "hot button." Discover your core button and why that affects everything you do!
  • God's Fuel for Your Soul: God wants you to be satisfied so that you can become a channel of His love to others. Too many broken relationships are directly linked to our inability to find God's fuel for our soul. As we take love ourselves, we can then love others.
  • Create Harmony through Communication: Connect to the heart of another person by learning how to successfully communicate. When you understand how someone feels, the other person let's you connect in a way that makes everyday conversation come alive.
Watching this new seminar you'll learn:
  • How to eliminate the number one cause of relational conflict
  • Four ways to create a safe place for love
  • Four ways you can control all of your own emotions and greatly lower your stress level
  • Three key choices that bring you complete happiness in life
  • The most powerful communication method on earth
  • How God has designed you for love
  • Why the people using these principles found a 73% increase in their relational satisfaction
*Small Group Guide Also Available!

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