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Knowing Him 52 Week Study Discipleship Package

Knowing Him 52 Week Study Discipleship Package

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A 52-week study that will transform your life as you begin to fully understand the commands of Jesus and how to live them out in your daily life.

The heart of Knowing Him is to provide you with an accelerated means of coming to know Jesus Christ more intimately, follow Him more fully, and lead others into that same kind of intimate relationship with Christ.   Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, I know them and they follow Me."  (John 10:27)

In John 14:21-23, Jesus promised that anyone who would hear and obey His commands and teachings would experience His and the Father's transforming love and presence. In this Knowing Him study, your life will be transformed as you learn and apply Jesus' teachings and commands to your daily life.  Each week you'll discover the answers to six critical questions that will help you grow in your intimacy with the Son and the Father.  Knowing Him brings a fresh method of discovery to help you apply the practical teachings of Jesus so you can confidently walk the will of the Father and Son like never before!

Each week you get to discover a new command from Jesus:

1 Believe in God, Believe in Christ
2 Don’t Let Your Heart be Troubled
3 Abide in His Word, Become His Disciple
4 Love Jesus the Way He Wants to be Loved
5 Believe Jesus - That He is in the Father and the Father is in Him
6 Stop Doubting and Instead…Believe
7 Don’t be Afraid, Instead Believe
8 Running to Jesus Every Day
9 Harness yourself to Christ
10 Learn from Christ
11 Listen to Jesus
12 Listen and Understand This
13 Abide in Christ
14 Let Jesus’ Words Abide in You
15 Follow Jesus Now
16 Abide in Him and Receive His Will
17 Watch and Pray
18 Pray in Secret
19 Praying Together With Believers
20 Don’t Pray Like Superstitious Unbelievers
21 Ask, Seek and Knock
22 Pray Believing
23 The Father Wants to Give the Holy Spirit
24 A Commanded Prayer Request From Jesus
25 Fear God, Then You Won’t be Afraid
26 Only Worship and Serve the Lord
27 Worship God in Spirit and in Truth
28 When You Obey Christ, Stay Humble
29 Be Ready to Meet the Lord Any Minute
30 Give yourself to God
31 Remember His Life and Death Every Day
32 Love Jesus More Than Anyone Else
33 Make Seeking God’s Kingdom and 
 His Righteousness Your #1 Priority
34 Store Up Treasures in Heaven - Not on Earth
35 Only Serve One Master - Don’t Serve 
 Money or Anything else--Only God!
36 Lose Your Life in Christ
37 Don’t Be Afraid, Even of Those Who 
 Can Kill You
38 Be Courageous, Don’t be Afraid
39 Don’t be Afraid, Simply Believe
40 Don’t Worry About Tomorrow
41 Don’t Worry About Your Basic Needs
42 Don’t be Alarmed by Wars and Uprisings
43 Don’t Worry About Your Life
44 Spiritual Growth-Bearing Much Fruit
45 Walk the Narrow Road
46 Honor the Son as You Honor the Father
47 Bear Much Fruit
48 Be Full of Light, not Darkness
49 Be like Him – Humble and Gentle in Heart
50 Do not Look Back
51 Be on Guard for All Kinds of Greed
52 Rejoice and Be Glad When You 
 Suffer for Righteousness Sake

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